So what is the GDC, and what is it all about?

Learning new technologies, Career development, Recruitment advice, Networking….

The GDC or Graduate Development Community is a social network for degree students & recent graduates to come together in one place.

If you are not already aware, the London Technical Community is positively buzzing with a large number of users’ groups aimed at pretty much any technology you could be interested in, specialist or general. Users’ groups started in the early days of mainframe computers, as a way to share sometimes hard-won knowledge and useful software and have thrived ever since.

As an example I run a user group aimed at Java developers (it’s called the LJC, you can find out more at through this community we organise regular presentations for Java developers of all levels from Graduates to Senior Technical Architects and Development Managers to get free introductions to the latest technologies from key figures in the industry. The LJC acts as a platform to assist people in learning, networking & career development, feel free to read our members feedback:

My background is in technical recruitment. I have many connections with UK based companies and have throughout my career spent a lot of time trying to understand the technical recruitment process and what companies are looking for from candidates of every level. Much of the feedback I have had when it comes to Graduates is that there is a gap between what is taught in Universities and what is used in Industry. I am hoping to use a combination of my industry connections and personal experience to help bridge that gap through anyway possible.

To become a member please visit our official Community site –

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Barry Cranford