We had a superb evening on Wednesday. For those that want to check out what we do – here is a link to the podcast of the event: http://bit.ly/6PL4Kr

Thanks firstly to Darci Dutcher, Rebecca Stafford and Jenny Wong of Thoughtworks Ltd for their presentation and hosting the game. They did a great job of explaining the principles to Agile and XP techniques before hosting the game and providing examples of how a real software development project plays out.

Thanks also goes to SkillsMatter, the largest technical training organisation in Europe, for sponsoring the venue. Please visit their site at http://skillsmatter.com/ to see the latest free events and training course they run.

 Here is some feedback on our official site from the event:

“Wow, it was great fun. Special thanks to ThoughtWorks for providing a great seminar with an interesting game with LEGO. Will totally end up purchasing some LEGO for Christmas now :-)”

“Excellent introduction to Agile principles. Nothing beats a quick practice session to get a good overview. I left the meet-up with a better understanding of professional software development. Thanks for that!”

“Great event last night. Looking forward to the next one! Met an awesome group of people, will have to add you all on here shortly… :)”

More events to follow in 2010. Please help us grow by forwarding this to any undergrads, professors or graduates so they can follow the work we’re doing.

Barry Cranford