“Recently I was involved in taking through new potential Graduate developers for a day long interview at a major Japanese Investment bank.  They were initially expecting to be grilled about Java and taken through complex programming challenges but they were surprised when the focus was on software development tools and techniques, especially those supported by the Open Source community.

Throughout the day we asked the graduates about Test Driven Development, Source Control, Continuous Integration, Build Tools, Issue Tracking and their experience with the top free Open Source tools in those areas. Finally we took them through peer programming examples to see what areas they were strong or weak in. In effect we were looking for the graduate who had looked beyond the narrow scope of their academic learning.

The graduate we hired showed an exceptional awareness of the tools and techniques, they were already light years ahead of the rest of the graduates in that area.  We hired him immediately based on the strength of his ability to fit in straight away and to be productive from day one.”

Martijn Verburg – Software Consultant of Mizuho International plc