I thought it may be worth highlighting this book review by Simon Brown – a highly experienced developer/architect and founder of Architecture-focussed meetup group “Coding The Architecture”.

Simon writes: “I’ve been working as a software developer since 1996 and during that time I’ve worked on a number of different projects for different customers. Some have been big, while others have been small. Some have been desktop applications, while others have been deployed on the web. Some have been very structured, while others have been less formal. I’ve had relative freedom on some and been restricted on others.”

While the overall goal of all these projects was to develop software, each project brought its own challenges and experiences. One of the things that I most like about working in a consulting environment is that it can genuinely give you a very wide variety of work and this means that you tend to learn a lot in a comparatively short amount of time. You obviously get to learn lots of major things (new technologies, new ways to design software, etc) but there are a number of other things that you learn about too, particularly around some of the nuances of software development and the actual process of building software.

If you can imagine somebody sharing this sort of experience through a book about software development, then basically you have Design-Build-Run.”

The book sounds as though it would be a good read for recent graduates looking for a head start on the competition. Many interview questions will cover this information & many employers would be blown away by a candidate that could answer confidently – or at least was showing significant interest as to be reading about it in their spare time.

I would recommend reading the full blog post here: http://www.codingthearchitecture.com/2010/07/05/design_build_run.html to make up your mind for yourself.

Good luck,