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We often advise graduates to get involved in open source software development and have been involved in various schemes and events to encourage involvement in the industry.

We were recently asked by an undergraduate what the best way to get started was and one of our members, Denise Wood, kindly pointed out this post which is highly recommended for anyone interested in open source software development.

I would also recommend reading Ben Evans description of open source software.

Finally it’s also worth having a look at my reasons why it’s a bonus to get involved while still at university.

Barry Cranford


Earlier this year we started running a free service to graduates whereby we will give free interview advice. It has been very successful and we have had a lot of positive feedback from it including this today from Pedro Francis:

“I would like to thank Barry and his team for all their help and advice, which has resulted in me having been offered a Junior Java Developer job. All the great interview advice and the telephone advice sessions have been so useful in my interviews”

One thing we were frequently asked about was help in putting together a CV. It can be very tricky knowing what people expect to see in your CV so we have teamed up with several graduate employers from a variety of industries to put together what we consider to be a fine example of a Graduate CV. You can find it here:

Please feel free to use it for inspiration or as a template for your own CV. It is worth considering that you should take the time to adjust your CV to make it suitable for each and every application you send, but this should serve as a good starting point when putting together your applications.

We would love to hear from you as to your thoughts and any success you have when using it.

Barry Cranford
Barry Cranford runs ClearView IT Recruitment Solutions Ltd: A recruitment consultancy specialising in the Java Development industry.

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