The GDC Ambassadors is a new sub community within the Graduate Developer Community. Our goal is to get the message of the Graduate Developer Community out to more students and academics.

We are currently expanding and want to get as many people involved as possible, so if you know someone who may be interested, tell him or her to get in touch.

By getting involved, you will have a serious edge against other graduates and will be able to secure a better job and salary. The graduate market is extremely competitive; many employers are looking for something to distinguish between candidates. Becoming a GDC Ambassador will show that you have put some time into extra-curricular activities outside of your university. It will help get your CV to the top of an employers list and will be a great talking point at interviews.

It is also worth remembering that you will get a chance to meet and spend time with some top developers and community organisers. Many of our organisers are incredibly well connected in London, so you may find yourself talking to your future mentor or potential employer.

For further details please see the FAQ: