We have had such an overwhelming response to the programme that I wanted to write a quick update as to what’s going on with GDC Meet a Mentor.

In the four days since we launched the program we have attracted over 40 representatives from a diverse range of companies including Morgan Stanley, IBM, UBS, Ernst & Young and some of the most exciting startups in London. We have a variety of positions too including CTOs, Software Developers, Testers, Analysts, Scrum Masters, Technical User Group Leaders, Open Source Software leaders and Software Evangelists.

Thanks largely to the members of the London Java Community and the London Software Craftsman Community, but also the other communities and companies that have supported us and those that have kept tweeting our cause.

The real beauty of this program is that the people involved are not in marketing or HR. They are not going to give a sales pitch about their companies 3 core values, but they that want to tell their story and offer honest, genuine opinions on career guidance.

We are in discussions with several London based institutions about this already and are hoping to get some events confirmed by the end of the week.