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Announcing an Introduction to Open Source day on April 17th in IBM’s flagship offices on the South Bank. Full details are: here. We opened registration to our existing membership base on Friday, and the event is half-full already, so we expect this to fill up fast.

The day will consist of short introductions to our participating projects, then a full day working on real project tasks (fixing bugs, coding new features, improving the test coverage, improving the documents that go along with the project). At the end of the day, we hope everyone’s contributions will be finished and will be committed to the project – and they will become an official contributor.

So, if you’re a student or relatively recent graduate who has always wanted to try out Open Source development, please think about coming along. It’s going to be a really stimulating day, makes a great talking point for your CV / any interviews, and you’ll meet not only a very bright group of your peers, but also a number of senior and very experienced software experts.

Here is a poster for our event

Following the success of our first event in November we would like to announce our second event which is being presented by IBM.

Do you wonder how the world of IT is going to change over the next two, five and ten years?

Every year for more than a quarter of a century, IBM’s research division has conducted a study they call the Global Technology Outlook.  It’s their Research team’s vision of the future for information technology, synthesising enormous insight from academia, their partners and, of course, their clients around the world. And, it’s what drives IBM’s $6B investment in R&D each year.
The Global Technology Outlook provides one comprehensive overview of advances in technology – but it’s much more than raw technology. It’s a view into how new technologies can be applied in the marketplace, and how they are expected to change and create new industries and businesses in the process. Its these same industries and businesses that members of the London Graduate Development Community may well work in, shape and lead.
About the Presenter:
Rob Nicholson is a Senior Technical Staff Member working at IBM’s Hursley Park development campus. Currently he is working in the Language Technology group on an implementation of the PHP language which runs on a Java Virtual Machine.  He holds the title of “IBM Master Inventor” for a sustained record of invention with over 40 patents across storage, micro-electronics, business processes, and a few in software. During his career, Rob has worked in many areas of development across IBM’s Hardware, Software and Research divisions.  He has a passion for technology and loves to present and discuss the GTO because he finds the glimpses of the future inspiring and exciting.

Spaces are limited, to register for the event and confirm your free space please visit our official site:

We hope to see you on the night!


Barry Cranford

We had a superb evening on Wednesday. For those that want to check out what we do – here is a link to the podcast of the event:

Thanks firstly to Darci Dutcher, Rebecca Stafford and Jenny Wong of Thoughtworks Ltd for their presentation and hosting the game. They did a great job of explaining the principles to Agile and XP techniques before hosting the game and providing examples of how a real software development project plays out.

Thanks also goes to SkillsMatter, the largest technical training organisation in Europe, for sponsoring the venue. Please visit their site at to see the latest free events and training course they run.

 Here is some feedback on our official site from the event:

“Wow, it was great fun. Special thanks to ThoughtWorks for providing a great seminar with an interesting game with LEGO. Will totally end up purchasing some LEGO for Christmas now :-)”

“Excellent introduction to Agile principles. Nothing beats a quick practice session to get a good overview. I left the meet-up with a better understanding of professional software development. Thanks for that!”

“Great event last night. Looking forward to the next one! Met an awesome group of people, will have to add you all on here shortly… :)”

More events to follow in 2010. Please help us grow by forwarding this to any undergrads, professors or graduates so they can follow the work we’re doing.

Barry Cranford


This is an announcement of our very first event. It is a free event on the 25th November 2009 – if you would like to come along then click here to RSVP:

This is the first official event organized by the GDC (Graduate Development Community). A Leading consultancy – Thoughtworks have agreed to run an exercise they use to help their graduates gain an understanding of how real world commercial development teams work.

Agile software development refers to a group of software development methodologies based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. Most UK development teams now rely on Agile principles to run software development projects. This exercise aims to introduce a few of these principles through gameplay that are used in practise, such as Pull mechanisms and Continuous Improvement. It will also introduce participants to the working dynamics of an Agile team.

The session is aimed at beginners to Agile and to those with experience with Agile and XP. Newcomers will gain a useful understanding of the processes mechanics and some of the real world issues they may face in adoption.

No programming experience is required – the session is strongly recommended to all attendees with interests in becoming QA’s, Analysts, Developers, Project Managers & Business Analysts alike.

Thoughtworks are a leading international consultancy, well known throughout the industry for being at the cutting edge of technical development. They are actually use this game to help graduates gain a grasp of Agile principles such as XP and Lean. To find out more about their graduate scheme click here: http://www.thoughtwor…

The GDC is a Community of Undergraduates and Graduates interested in Software Development. For more information about the group please visit the blog at http://graduatedevelo…
Sponsor: Skills Matter are sponsoring the venue for this event. They offers Europe’s largest selection of events on Open Source technologies and Agile Software Development and have gained a reputation as a first class provider of practical learning solutions that help our customers adopt lightweight Java frameworks, Open Source technologies and Agile Development practices successfully on their projects.

What is the GDC?

The GDC, or Graduate Development Community is an independent community of undergraduate software developers. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the worlds of Academia and Business. We organise and host presentations and events with senior members of the development community as well as offering advice, guidance, internships and jobs through our community site.