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Announcing an Introduction to Open Source day on April 17th in IBM’s flagship offices on the South Bank. Full details are: here. We opened registration to our existing membership base on Friday, and the event is half-full already, so we expect this to fill up fast.

The day will consist of short introductions to our participating projects, then a full day working on real project tasks (fixing bugs, coding new features, improving the test coverage, improving the documents that go along with the project). At the end of the day, we hope everyone’s contributions will be finished and will be committed to the project – and they will become an official contributor.

So, if you’re a student or relatively recent graduate who has always wanted to try out Open Source development, please think about coming along. It’s going to be a really stimulating day, makes a great talking point for your CV / any interviews, and you’ll meet not only a very bright group of your peers, but also a number of senior and very experienced software experts.

What is the GDC?

The GDC, or Graduate Development Community is an independent community of undergraduate software developers. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the worlds of Academia and Business. We organise and host presentations and events with senior members of the development community as well as offering advice, guidance, internships and jobs through our community site.